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Thrifting Made Easy



1.  Know what you're looking for. All fashion is recycled so the thrift store will most likely have the same on trend items as your favorite go to stores and boutiques. Just like when you are grocery shopping make a list before you go. Go in with an idea of what you want and it’ll pop right out at you.


2. Go on the sale days. Thrift stores usually offer daily sales, my favorite thrift store has one for every single day of the week. The first time you go just ask a cashier what are the different sales offered on a regular basis. This will make a good buy a great buy. Also this is 2017, sign up for the email lists and get offers straight to your inbox!


3. Have patience. You may need to thrift consistently to get the hang of it. I know thrifting can be overwhelming but  patience is key to finding that one priceless item that you just can't find in conventional stores. This is what I thrift for!


4. Buy your furniture there! You know when your mom says they don’t make it like they use to...they don't! Facebook marketplace as well as conventional thrift stores have priceless finds. You can get the quality furniture you deserve by buying it used. 


5. Go into small thrift stores or yard sales when you come across them, again this is where all the hidden gems live!! Whenever I travel I look for thrift stores and i’ve found some of my most treasured items when I least expected!



Why thrift? You won’t have to worry about looking like a an IG carbon copy but you will be on trend and you will save enough to go out and show off your unique fit!