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So... You Didn't Hear Back From Your Interview


By: Ashley Reynolds

interview 1.jpg

So... its been three days of you checking your email every half hour to see if you got the job or if you will be called in for another interview. They said they are looking for someone as soon as possible so why haven’t you heard back? The interview went so well....or did it? Are you guilty of a major interview blunder without knowing it ?

You talked too much

... seriously though, this is the worst. Shut up about yourself sometimes. Almost every interviewer’s pet peeve is someone who just doesn’t know when to stop talking. Be thorough, but be concise!The easiest way to take away from your skills and experience is to go off on tangents.Talking too much is an indication of a larger than life ego which is a big turn off in general but especially for team work environments. 

You BS’d

Unless you have a proven, track record of successfully BSing, don’t tell lies in your interview. I don’t know what’s worse liars or exaggerators. If you’ve made an accomplishment don’t fluff, say what you learned and talk about what more you would have liked from the experience...simple. A good interviewer can smell bullshit from miles away and as soon as they do, your interview is as good as over.

You didn’t look the part

If they wore suits and you wore jeans or vice might notget the job. The point of an interview is so that the hiring managers can visualize what it would be like if you worked for them. Do a little research to make sure you have the right vibe for a successful interview. You will have a better interview if everyone in the room feels comfortable. One of the easiest ways to disturb that balance is by dressing inappropriately for the role or work environment.

You really just didn’t have the experience they were looking for

This one sucks. Sometimes you’re great...they’re great, but you just don’t have what they are looking for. Don’t be too bummed. If you have already made a great impression, leave the interview and make it your goal to become a better candidate. When you have added to your resume, be sure to set up another interview showing them the progress you have made. This is almost always guaranteed to get your foot in the door.If you still can make sure to get contact info from the interviewers so you can stay in touch. 

You didn’t seem coachable.

Did you have an answer for literally everything? Were you making suggestions without genuinely understanding the work flow? That’s not  a good thing. Everybody hates working with a know it all. It is important that you communicate how knowledgeable you are  but it is equally important to show that you have room for growth and you are able to take direction. At the end of the day skills are important but in this day and age, personality and flexibility top the list of desirable candidate qualities.

Something you did,Something you said...who cares. 

At the end of the day it is a waste of time to sit by your window, in the dark, listening to Titanium by Sia, with a bottle of red wine, wondering why they couldn’t see that you were a good fit for the role. The truth is they can see and you should be grateful that they decided not to waste your time or theirs. Not getting an offer is not an overall reflection of who you are as a person, it just means that for whatever reasons there wasn’t a good fit. No harm, no foul. No doubt you’re a great person and the job is a great job, but not all great things go together. It’s cool to be disappointed for a day or two, especially if it’s a job that you really, really wanted but at the end of the day you have to realize that there are plenty of jobs and plenty of companies. 

Get over it.... You’re still awesome AF