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Summer Body

Summer Body #Goals

If you are still working on your summer body, I’ve put together some great tips to speed up the process. I recommend always doing a full body workout, in other words, every day is leg day! And also Ab day and arm day! If you remain consistent and work all of your muscles as hard and often as possible, you will see soon see results when you walk past that full length mirror or bathing suit selfie.

·         Legs/Glutes

o    Elliptical with added resistance and incline! This will provide toning to the thighs, calves, and Glutes (i.e. booty meat) and also cardio once you pick up the pace!

o    Squats! Do these as low and slow as possible. It also helps to hold a weight two and even multi task by doing bicep curls while squatting.

o    Backward leg lifts! Start either on your knees or standing and bent at the waste, lift one up behind you at a time as far as possible (see example video) always try to squeeze your buns during your workout whenever possible to get more toning effectiveness.

·         Core

o    Sit-ups/crunches! The key to a flat tummy is a well-rounded core workout. In other words, you have to work each part of the midsection- including upper and lower abs and obliques! When doing sit-ups and crunches, make sure to lean and work each side equally. It helps to involve the legs. For instance, when you are laying on your back, site up halfway and make your knee touch your elbow (in my nelly voice).

o    Leg Lowering! While lying on your back, put both legs together and raise them up in front of you;  bring them down slowly (Don’t touch the floor) then bring them back up and repeat. If you have a workout buddy, have him/her to help by standing behind you and you can hold on to their ankles for support while they push your legs forward. This is a great exercise for the muscles in the lower abdomen.  Also try lowering legs to each side instead of straight forward in order to attack the obliques again!

o    Planks! Mae sure to keep a straight back and head up. Try to life your body weight off of your arms and onto your core. Also squeeze your stomach and glutes while planking. Do at least 30-60 seconds on both the middle and each side every day!

·         Arms

o    Curls! Use two light weights or one heavier weight. Do these slow and steady to work your biceps.

o    Under arm fat busting! Use one weight and hold with both hands. Life weight up over head with straight arms, then bend backward to work the triceps.

o    Side arm lifts! Hold one small weigh in each hand and hold arms down on each side. While keeping arms straight, slowly lift arms to shoulder length then lower and repeat. Do small and/or large circles with weights in hand to add strength and range of motion.


Stretch before and after your workout to avoid soreness. Also hit the steam room and/or sauna if possible to sooth your muscles and release additional toxins via sweating! Shortly after you leave the gym, eat a protein packed meal (or protein shake). This seals the muscles that were ripped during your workout so that they heal properly and result in a tight and toned summer body ready for the beach and cute crop tops! 

Written by: Morgan S. Cleveland

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Snapchat: @MsCleveland