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Traveling Alone

Black Girls Who Travel:

The adventures of Maëva: Alone in Asia!


“Women shouldn’t travel alone!” “That is unsafe!” Those were some of the phrases tossed at me when

I shared my ‘solo travel’ dreams with those close to me. This is something that I have wanted to do for

years but have allowed doubts to stop me from sailing off to the sunset. As I grow older, I have

concluded that I cannot allow fear and other people’s opinions to dictate my life. So here I am, at the

age of 29, preparing to embark on my first solo trip to Asia.

In this post I will share with you how I planned for my solo adventure. Here are some ways to make sure you are adequately prepared for your trip:


Study the culture of your destination.

Learn the do’s and don’t! Decide on which area of the country you may want to visit. Figure out the main attractions you

want to see and make sure you choose a hotel that will allow easy access to those places.


Check on their currency!

Figure out how you will access your money. Call your bank!

If you care about having wifi, invest in pocket wifi. In many countries, you can rent one at the



Over plan!

Write out an itinerary with activities for each day. You might not have time for all

the activities, but at least you will not have idle time. Allow some room in your plan to wander

as well.

( planner.htm)

While preparing for this trip, Trip Advisor became my best friend. I created an account and used

their forums to ask multiple questions. No question is too stupid!



I look forward to the solitude, and personal growth that I am sure will come from this. So don’t be afraid

to take on this challenge yourselves and step out of your comfort zone. Be on the lookout as I will be

sharing more of my travel with tips with you all soon.


With love,

A Black Girl Who Travels



Written by: Stephanie Maëva Paul

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Facebook: Stephanie Paul

Instagram: @kovergirl2

Snapchat: kovergirl2