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How to Become a Blogger




Here are my 3 tips on what to think about before you start a blog:

1. Decide on what you want to write about! Focus on one topic, or choose a couple of topics that are similar or related to each other.

2. Start brainstorming ideas and writing them down on paper. Take your time with your ideas and don’t rush

3. Be authentic! If you are trying to imitate another blogger or write about things you know nothing about, your audience will see through that. Be comfortable in your own skin, and have fun while doing it!

Why I Started Blogging

In college, I learned that the best way to express myself was through writing. I had an amazing english teacher my freshman year, and he was the one person who encouraged me to start a blog. He would share my short stories with other professors, and write the most encouraging comments on my papers. I never considered myself as this ‘amazing’ writer, but this new found love of expressing myself through words quickly became one of my passions.

“My African Guitar.” That was the name of my first travel blog. I joined the Peace Corps in Mozambique, Africa, and decided to share my travels and experiences. Today, I now run two blogs - NKMstyling and The Boss Diary. NKM focuses on everything that has to do with my fashion brand, and The Boss Diary is a lifestyle blog that talks about social media branding for women creatives, and features a new girl boss interview every month. 

Written by: Naa Quaye