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Fit your Life

3 Ways to Transition into the Fall!


I am founder and owner of  Fit Your Life Into Your Life℠, a business with a mission to empower women through tools, tricks, products and books that  assist while they work towards achieving their goals. I am also a graduate student at Boston College,  hold down a day job, am married, do volunteer work and, with every waking moment I have left, I pour my heart, soul and time into Fit Your Life Into Your Life℠. With a book set to hit shelves in November, called "How To Fit Your Life Into Your Life", it is not a  stretch to say that I am busy. How do I embrace "the busy" and the changing of seasons? 


  1. Seek Other People Like ME: I rely on my most ambitious and driven friends, known to me as my Powerful Friends for Life (#PFFLs) to keep me on track. I leverage the relationships I built over time, and create something motivational for me and empowering for them.  I created a platform called Power Circles where I offer my #PFFLS something that in return will impact me. 

  2. Buy Cute Clothes: I find that each season if I have a couple of outfits that I love, the better I feel when I wake up to a dark morning and come home to a dark night. After years of buying a couple of new clothes items each season, I have a wardrobe that I love for the entire season.

  3. Plan My Breaks:  I plan for the breaks that I will take to refresh and recharge during the changing season. I circle them on my calendar and have a visual countdown. I make plans to completely turn off work and do an activity that I know will make me feel good. My  favorite activities for the fall include cider making, haunted tours and holiday movies. 

These are just a few of my tips. Now it’s time for you to get motivated and remain both sharp and fabulous! 



Jemia is founder and owner of Fit Your Life Into Your Life, a business to empower women by offering tools, activities and resources to help them manage the work and challenges that arise on their path to leadership.  With over 10 years experience in leadership training and professional and personal development, Jemia’s goal is to pay her skills forward by helping women set, pursue and achieve their goals. Her self-published book, “How to Fit Your Life Into Your Life,” will be released this fall. Jemia is a big-city girl, originally from Chicago, who now resides in downtown Boston with her loving husband. Follow Jemia on social media to learn tips, tricks and receive motivations to Fit Your Life Into Your Life.