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DIY Beauty Hacks

3 Easy DIY Beauty Hacks


#1 Tumeric and Coconut Oil for Teeth Whitening

It may sound crazy but I do this every morning. Contrary to what you may believe, turmeric doesn’t stain your teeth but it will stain your toothbrush, so you may want to use a spare. Why it works: turmeric is a natural astringent and it’s also abrasive. Additionally, Coconut oil has long time been used for a process called oil pulling which in addition to improving oral hygiene helps with a large array of healthy body functions, such as gum disease, plaque and bacteria. Overall, this process is great for your oral health!

What to do: mix a tablespoon of room temperature, solid coconut oil with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and brush your teeth. Leave this mixture on your teeth for five minutes then brush your teeth regularly. That’s it! For additional benefits, after brushing you can leave the turmeric mixture in your mouth for 20 minutes to get all the healthy benefits of oil pulling as well.

#2 Charcoal Pore Cleansing Strips

I use activated charcoal powder for a multitude of DIY remedies because it is such a powerful magnet for dirt and grime on the face and elsewhere.

What you need: This mask calls for two inexpensive and readily available ingredients; activated charcoal powder which can be found in your local health food store in either pill or powdered form and non-toxic liquid glue such as Elmer’s. That’s right, the glue from your grade school days. It may sound weird but it works.

How it Works: The charcoal works as a magnet, picking up whiteheads, blackheads, dirt and grime. The glue is the carrier agent that allows the charcoal to adhere to the skin.

What to do: Mix the powder of 2 charcoal tablets or 3 teaspoons of powder with about a tablespoon of glue. Using your fingers or an application brush, apply the mask to any areas you want to clean, or tighten and shrink pores. Leave the mask on until it dries completely and peel it off. It’s that easy! I live by this mask. I recommend doing it twice a week at night before you wash your face.


#3 Pore Minimizer

If you cannot tell by now, I’m obsessed with the look of pores on my skin and I realize that this is a concern for many adults over the age of 16. Here is a sure way to quickly shrink your pores.

What you need: All you need is Pepto Bismol!

Why It Works: Pepto has beta hydroxyl acid which tightens, and unclogs pores. The ingredients also include aspirin and salicylic acid, which are blemish busters! This is not the everyday mask but it’s great when your pores are looking larger than life.

What to do: Apply the Pepto to your entire face or target areas like the nose, forehead and chin. Allow liquid to dry completely and rinse with warm water.