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About Us

Cultural Capital /'kəlCH(ə)rəl/ˈkapədl/ noun: 

  • A lifestyle brand for a modern woman between the ages of 17-35, multicultural perspectives on beauty, fashion and modern living.
  • Online Lifestyle Magazine featuring fashion news, fashion look books, Trend reports, Entertainment news, Beauty advice, relationship advice and more. If you like all things fabulous, this online magazine will have something for you-- no matter your cultural background.
  • Boutique: Featuring one of a kind vintage pieces and the latest women’s fashions and accessories.


What makes Cultural Capital unique? The combination of a boutique and lifestyle magazine in one website where you can purchase one of a kind vintage pieces as well as the latest fashions for women. One stop shop for all things fabulous, multicultural perspectives on beauty and fashion and a modern lifestyle.


Mission Statement: Providing a sharp, well rounded view of all things a fabulous woman would need to stay in the know.  Predicting and setting trends from fashion to all things lifestyle. Relating to women of different cultures by showing them a worldly perspective. 


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Amer Goosby: Head Stylist Founder/ CEO

Amer Goosby was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As cliché as it might sound she has always had a passion for fashion. “When I was growing up getting dressed was very important to me. I would dress based on my mood and I felt it was important to directly interpret how I was feeling”. Self-expression is one very important value Amer holds. In 2011 Amer graduated college with a bachelors degree in Sociology and Anthropology. One night feeling frustrated in her career in social work she discussed her passion for fashion with a friend in the industry. He gave her some invaluable advice that day, which was to stop thinking about how to build a career in fashion and just start building your worth. That year she created and styled her very first look-book for Cultural Capital and conceptualized what her company would become. 

Cultural Capital is defined as “the accumulation of knowledge, behaviors and skills that one can tap into to demonstrate one's cultural competence, and thus one's social status or standing in society.” Amer named the company after this term because it is what she believes fashion to be, "fashion is a way to express yourself to those before ever speaking". Personal style is a huge part of your cultural capital. It also holds a double meaning, fashion is in itself a culture of its own but it also represents every culture throughout the globe. 

Since conceptualizing Cultural Capital &Co. Amer has launched Cultural Capital Vintage Boutique, Cultural Capital Magazine, coordinated and styled high fashion photoshoots, fashion Shows and worked with individuals to elevate their style! 

Morgan Cleveland: Web Director/ Designer

Morgan is a Chicago native currently residing in Houston, Texas where she enjoys a career in IT sales and freelance web design. With a B.A. in Sociology and computer applications from The University of Notre Dame, Morgan has a passion for utilizing the power of technology to meet business needs and address social issues worldwide.









Ashley Reynolds: Photographer/ Graphics Designer

Ashley Reynolds is currently a freelance photographer, videographer and editor. She completed her B.A in philosophy at Lake Forest College and is now pursuing an M.A in Digital Media and Communication at Depaul University. Ashley was born in Jamaica and has attended school in Chicago, U.S.A and Sydney, Australia. Her ultimate goal is to shoot and edit documentaries. Her current work includes feature articles, podcasts and instructional videos in corporate settings. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys live music, watching documentaries and eating foods from around the world.






Akosua Goosby: Associate Buyer

Akosua Goosby is currently a stay at home Mom in Chicago. She completed her B.A. in sociology at Davidson College and has studied both Spanish and Anthropology at La Universidad Ibero Americano in Puebla, Mexico. Her passions include the art of natural hair styling, nutrition and vegan living, and most importantly- fashion!










Adjua Goosby: Magazine Beauty Department Editor

Adjua Goosby just recently graduated with a bachelors of health science from the University of Missouri. She has experience modeling and performing in music video shoots. She is now working as a makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her Youtube: AG Beauty for more makeup tips and tutorials!